How to Break Through Fear Based Thinking into Faith Based Action

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Dive into the riveting journey of Tarek Chaudhary in 'Unchained' – a true tale of extraordinary transformation.

Witness a life once shadowed by trauma, grief, addiction, and perpetual pain transcend into gratitude, peace, and purpose.

This isn't just a story; it's an invitation to a chain-breaking, life-altering experience.

Embark on this transformative adventure and discover the power of change. Join us in a journey that transcends the pages of a book and becomes a part of your own story.

"The transformation I experienced while working with Tarek has been life changing! His unique blend of business acumen and spiritual guidance has propelled me further than I ever thought possible. From upgrading my identity and unlocking untapped potential to finding and strengthening my relationship with God, my time with Tarek will always have a special place in my heart. He is extremely authentic, honest and powerful. I wholeheartedly recommend Tarek to anyone who is seeking profound change and lasting results in both their professional and personal lives."

Nicole P.

Read, Connect, Experience...


Follow Tarek from the deserts of Petra, Jordan to the corner offices of some of the biggest companies in North America.


Let Tarek’s unreal journey show you how much of a change you can find in yourself.


Tarek’s insights fill every page and give you the chance to reconcile with your past and what you want from your future.

Meet the author


Tarek Chaudhary is a former Fortune 100 Executive, a recovered alcoholic and addict, and a personal development coach. His work with countless CEOs helped them find their true potential and live their best life.

Tarek spent years of his life deep in the throes of alcohol and drugs in an attempt to escape a painful past. It wasn’t until he used his trauma as the fire to his transformation that he discovered his incredible talents and built his fortune. 

His new book, Unchained, is his passion project and opportunity to share this incredible tale and spread his message of hope. Tarek’s goal is to inspire millions of others to reach higher, do more, and achieve incredible things, no matter their past. 

He writes, “There is no competition other than your former self. Conquer it and become the leader of your life.”

Tap into your power and discover a new path with one incredible story.

Discover how faith, love, and a new approach to work unlocked Tarek’s world and propelled him from the darkness and into the light. Embark on the 'Unchained' Experience – Join Our Interactive Journey Today.

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